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Blutour is created in 1999 with the aim of promoting Tourism in Albania and the Balkans. Today, after more than 17 years of experience and expertise, we can offer an extensive range of products, and we are continuously aiming to ensure best service and value for our clients. We have great suppliers, which have been chosen very carefully and experienced from us to provide the most trusted services.

What makes Blutour the best way to explore Albania & beyond?

Our mission is to share everything that this amazing country has to offer. We are deeply committed to provide a high standard tourism product and to cater the requirements of inbound, outbound and domestic markets. As a leading tourism innovator we live up to our reputation by striving to exceed our expectations. Our main objective is to give an exceptional customer service experience to all customers: travel agents, organizations, groups, families and individuals. We listen to our clients, anticipate their needs and respond to their requests with consideration – in a timely manner. By setting new standards in partnering with our clients, we provide them with innovative and integrated solutions. Our goal is to offer the possibility to discover the beauty of travelling, with good prices and quality services to everyone.

Mostly our tours try to reveal the real values of Albania by promoting our country’s most important sightseeing and unique scenery through cultural tours, active tours (rafting, hiking) and excursions. We offer professional guides with excellent proficiency in English, Italian, French, Greek language etc. where most of them are historians, Archaeologists, University professors etc. Folk shows performed for our clients are another form of expressing and highlighting Albanian culture, ethnography, costumes etc.

This complex small country allows you to see it all. Here you will find mountains, lakes, flowing rivers, wonderful beaches on the coastline, UNESCO protected parks and cities, and of course a wonderful local gastronomy. Our country has an average of 290 sunny days per year which allows you the pleasure of hiking and having great promenades. We are looking forward to introduce you with the potential that this little country of ours has.

Whichever tour you may choose your travel experience will be beyond your expectations.

We will make your holidays unforgettable because your interests and satisfaction are our priority.


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